Social Media Lingo

Social media is a unique universe that changes daily, making it difficult to keep up with all the new terminology. That’s why we’re here!

This is a guide to the language of social media.

Bio-  Your bio is viewed at the top of your profile on most social media platforms. This is a place to give a brief description of yourself or your company.

You may often hear the term, “check the link in my bio”. Your bio has a section available to add a URL. This is a great place to put your website or a product/service you want to promote for easy access for potential customers

Caption- A caption will appear below or above your post depending on the platform. This is where to put information about the post. 

Archive- Archive is on most social media apps but is most frequently used on Instagram. Stories on Instagram will automatically be deleted after 24 hours of being posted. If you forgot to save it, don’t worry! Your stories will be saved in your archives which only you can see. 

You can also archive your post. If you no longer want a post on your profile but don’t want to delete it forever, you can archive the post. You can go back and unarchive the post, which will allow it to show on your profile.

Analytics-  Analytics informs you on the performance of your account and how your audience interacts with each individual post. Analytics also teaches you about your followers such as, which times they are most active, their age range, which country they are located in, and so much more! 

Analytics is a helpful tool to keep you informed on what audience you’re reaching and how to keep growing.

Boost/Boosted Post- If you post often on a social media platform you’ve likely been offered to boost your post. A boosted post is a paid advertisement which will show your profile to a larger, audience and help your promotion or business grow!

DM- DM is an abbreviation for Direct Message. This is a place where private messages between you and other accounts are. 

PFP- PFP is an abbreviation for Profile Picture. 

For Your Page- As it states, this page is customized just for you! The For You Page is the first page you see when you open TikTok. TikTok will get to know you by viewing how you engage with videos,  forming your, For You Page.

Explore Page-  The explore page is hosted on Instagram. This page can be found by clicking the search icon at the bottom of Instagram. This is a page customized for you by Instagram! If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, the app has learned a few things about you and what you may be interested in which will appear here. 

Pinned Post-  You can pin a post on all social media platforms. Pinning a post makes this the first thing people will see on your profile. It’s useful to pin important information you want people to see.