What Is Conquest & Why You Should Be Doing It

Do you find yourself emailing and calling your existing database? Have people telling you to stop contacting them and unsubscribing? Maybe it’s time to change up your strategy and target clients outside of your existing ones.

Its definition is to target clients who are not currently looking at your brand, engage with them, and ultimately win them over.

Why should you care about conquest?

Because, as the automotive industry gets more competitive and inventory is select, customers are doing more reacher online and also looking into 1-3 brands (on average).

When potential clients are starting to do their research, that’s when you want to show up to either drive the point that your brand is the best suit for them, OR, to inform the client why they should also be looking into your units and trying to win them over as their top picks.


Types Of Conquest Campaigns


Paid - Display

Paid - Video

Paid - Search


Content / Organic

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