How to Use Procreate with Photoshop

Have you ever started creating a graphic, but youre not able to easily create a shape, or add an effect that you want in photoshop? Then this could be a great solution for you! Unleash your creativity and create the designs you want!

Procreate is an application you can use on an Ipad, and its a similar interface to photoshop, but focused on being able to use a touch display or a stylus to creat designs that can interact with the image of your choice!

There are a lot of brush options available in Procreate- and thousands of free ones with different “stamps” (trees, animals, etc.), but also effects like this snow effect shown in this clip. It helps add depth and you have more control over where to add the details on your image. 

Another great feature with procreate, is that you can export the deisgn you create as a PSD file (with all the various layers you made), and then you can open that file on your computer and still be able to easily edit each effect/brush/text layer.

As shown in this video, you can still access the same layers you created with the various shapes, or effects you made in Procreate.

This process can work in reverse too, where you may start a graphic in photshop, but then want to add a personal touch to it, and use that PSD file and open it procreate.

The great thing about these two programs, is just how well they can work together to make your idea come to life!