How To Be A Google Partner – Like Us 😏

Partners with Google?!
Yes, it’s a big deal.

Being partners with the largest ad platform comes with benefits that we definitely use.

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Member, Partner, and Premier Partner.

Each tier has it’s own set of benefits & opportunities to further deepen your relationship.


Get access to a range of standard benefits, which enable you to grow, further develop your Google Ads skills, and help your clients succeed.


Develop a deeper strategic partnership with Google by becoming a Partner and earning the Google Partner badge.

Premier Partner

Our Premier Partner tier is reserved for the top 3% of participating companies each calendar year* – making it the most exclusive tier of the program.

Partner requirements

Partner requirements are designed to help you maximize your clients’ performance and empower you to identify new opportunities to accelerate their digital growth with Google Ads.


Optimization Score

90-Day Spend


Certified Strategists


Find new opportunities with recommendations and get the most out of your campaigns by maintaining an optimization score of at least 70% on your Google Partners manager account.

Maintain a $10,000 USD 90-day spend across your managed accounts by helping your clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success with Google Ads.

Show that your company has the expertise on the latest Google Ads products and solutions by ensuring 50% of the account strategists in your company are certified.